The Sweeter Song

There is a story in Greek mythology of Odysseus and the Sirens. Odysseus was warned that as he and his men sail past the island of the Sirens, they would be enchanted by the song of beautiful women singing on the jagged rocks. Many sailors had lost their lives trying to swim toward the Sirens and ultimately died on the rocks.  Because Odysseus wanted to hear their song, he had his men put wax in their ears while he was tied securely to the mast of the ship. 

In another Greek myth, a related story is told of how Jason of the Argonauts hired Orpheus, the greatest of all musicians and singers to sing a sweeter song than the Sirens. As the Sirens sang, Orpheus pulled out his harp and began to sing a sweeter song that drowned out the enchanting lure of the Sirens, and they sailed by in safety.  When we look at the rapid pace of life and consider how quickly we will be standing in the presence of the Son of God, we are amazed how many stories we have heard of shipwrecked lives.  Lives ruined on the rocks of pornography, alcoholism, and marital unfaithfulness are scattered all across suburbia, and every now and then you will hear the tragic story of an adult or student taking his or her own life.  But we suspect that countless stories of lives ruined on less obvious rocks are never told.

The Source is located in the suburbs of Chicago.  Our houses are built in what ten years ago were cornfields.  In talking with our neighbors, we hear over and over again a similar story of good people who graduated from college, took a job, and began to climb the ladder.  They had a few kids, and now life is so busy that the joy is gone.  Not far under the surface, there is a sense of longing and loneliness.  It is as if the promise of a new home, a good job, two kids, and a dog is not all that it’s cracked up to be and simply has not delivered what was promised.

What does this have to do with church planting?  We believe the gospel is the sweeter song, and Jesus is the one who sings it.  We live in an area that hears the sound of the sirens singing all day, every day; the song enchants people to believe that if they will abandon all for the sake of “success”, they will be satisfied. The success offered is a new house, new-ish cars, nice clothes, everything your kids ever wanted, and vacations at the beach in February.  This is a mold that presses down on everyone in one way or another but especially hard in the suburbs of Chicago.  Hebrews 5:9 speaks of Jesus as “the source of eternal salvation” for all who turn to Him in obedience away from their sins. He not only saves us from our sins but continues filling and refilling us each day until finally we come home to be with Him forever in heaven. By His death on the cross, He accomplished for us a way to be restored to holy God. He is the only one who can save us, satisfy us, and bring us into the presence of God the Father.  He does this by His grace alone, which means we cannot compel Him to love us more or less by our behavior. The Source Church will sing this sweet song to the people of Plainfield and the surrounding communities with the prayer and expectation that God will redeem many broken lives and spare many from the rocks of destruction. Please join us in this prayer and in this song.